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Two Avenues to Receive a College Scholarship

Scholarships are competitively selected. Eligibility includes a passing PFA, a cleared medical exam, US Citizenship, a passing AFOQT, eligible age, and a competitive GPA.

High School Scholarship Program

In-College Scholarship Program

  • Overview: In-college scholarships are awarded out to students who have academically excelled during their first few semesters in college. Students do not apply for these scholarships, rather they express their ROTC professors to consider them for a scholarship.
  •  Opportunities: There are two opportunities
    1. Start of second semester of Freshman year
    2. Start of first semester of Sophomore year

Scholarship Types

Type 1

Description: Pays full college tuition and most fees 

Type 2

Description: Pays tuition and most fees up to $18,000 per year 

Type 7

Description: Pays full tuition and fees but the student MUST attend a college/university where he/she qualifies for the in-state tuition rate. Type 7 scholarship may be converted to a 3-year Type 2 Scholarship if the student wishes to attend an out of state or private college/university