Group of Air Force cadets on stairs at Sather Tower


Accomplish Your Goals

Our program allows you to dive headfirst into the theory of leadership, allowing you to test and systematically develop your skills. Our program is one of the most comprehensive leadership training programs ever developed. ​

We strive to provide a program that allows you to be successful in your future career, regardless of how you choose to serve the nation. In addition, our program allows you to receive UC Berkeley academic credits. ​

Our program is 100% free of commitment until you contract or accept a scholarship, allowing you to try out the military before choosing a military or civilian career. ​

We offer three avenues for scholarships through the high school scholarship program, the in-college scholarship program, and the Charles McGee Leadership Award (offered to all cadets after successful completion of field training). Additionally, all contracted cadets are entitled to monthly stipends and book payments during each academic term.

Air Force ROTC also provides unique access to internships and other opportunities so you can get firsthand experience with the military.

We are very confident that you will grow and develop from our program. See you soon!