Four USAF jet planes in the clear blue sky

Recruit, develop, and graduate leaders of character for tomorrow's Air Force and Space Force.

As one of the first AFROTC units to be established in the country, we prepare students from Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area to become leaders and future officers in the United States Air Force and Space Force.

Group of Air Force cadets on stairs at Sather Tower

Accomplish Your Goals

Our program allows you to dive head first into the theory of leadership, allowing you to test and systematically develop your skills. Our program is one of the most comprehensive free leadership training programs ever developed. 

cadets holding rifles and flag

Service Commitment

Our program provides you with many opportunities to see what the Air Force and Space Force is about before signing up. And while you are learning more, you are getting college out of the way and having a lot of fun.

Group of cadets in uniform holding clipboards


Our program offers three avenues to receive a college scholarship.

Group of cadets in uniform enjoying each others company

Cadet Life

Our program requires roughly 6 hours per week from our Freshmen and Sophomore cadets during the school year.

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