cadets line up in formation at Hearst Gym

AFROTC Program Overview

Air Force ROTC is a four year program that consists of 16 academic credits that are centered around leadership, management, history, current events, and Air Force operations. USSF fits into AFROTC to include the USSF selection opportunity in their junior year and limited technical degree consideration.

When to Start

Students are encouraged to start the first semester of their Freshman year as they will have more opportunities. Specifically

  1. Apply for scholarships
  2. Boost test scores that are used for competitive career fields (i.e. pilot)
  3. Learn more about the military before service commitment is required

The AFROTC program has strict requirements regarding graduation dates. Please refer to the below graduation timelines depending on when you start the program. Contact us if your circumstance falls outside this timeline. We consider graduate students on a case-by-case basis.

  • Fall: Must have at least three years until graduation
  • Spring: Must have at least 3.5 years until graduation

COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

The Department of the Air Force is mandating the COVID-19 vaccine. AFROTC cadets are subject to this requirement if they are contracted with AFROTC. Reminder, cadets will contract if:

  1. They get selected for field training between their Sophomore and Junior year of college.
  2. They accept a scholarship from AFROTC.