New Student Orientation


The purpose of this event is to introduce college students who are interested in applying for AFROTC at UC Berkeley.

During this event students will have the opportunity to learn more about AFROTC and also apply for entrance into the program. Specifically, the students will learn about how they can earn an Air Force commission, how we develop cadets, the program requirements, scholarship opportunities, and career prospects.

In addition, we will also conduct an assessment of your capacity to be admitted into the program. This will consist of an application and a short interview, each will be conducted during New Student Orientation. Students who meet the standards of the US Air Force will be accepted into the program a Cadet Applicant in the US Air Force ROTC program.

Event Details

Time: 10:00 AM to 12 PM
Date: Saturday, 14 January


Room 242, Hearst Gym

  • Entrance is on the east side of Hearst Gym
  • You will see blue sign on the entrance that says “Military Affairs”

Campus Map – Hearst Memorial Gymnasium
Directions to Campus – Link

Business Casual (Polo or button up shirt with slacks or nice jeans)


  • Faculty Overview
  • Program Details
  • Facility Tour
  • Q&A for Parents and Guest
  • Applications and Interviews
  • Group Leadership Problems (allows you to put your peer leadership and problem solving skills to the test)

Program Schedule and Expectation

In order to participate in the program, you must be able to attend all Air Force ROTC activities each week.

The program requires roughly 6 hours per week from our Freshmen and Sophomore cadets during the school year. The activities consist of:

  • 1 hour Academic Class
  • 2 hour Leadership Lab
  • 3 hours of Fitness Training

As part of your application, you must indicate that you can attend the below activities each week.

Spring 2017 AFROTC Schedule 

Class Day and Time
Physical Training (PT)* Wednesday, 0645-0745h
Physical Training (PT)* Friday, 0645-0745h
AS100 Class (AS1A) (Freshman) Friday, 0900-1000h
AS100 Class (AS1B) (Freshman) Friday, 1000-1100h
LLAB Friday, 1230-1430h
Warrior Sports (WS)** Friday, 1500-1600h

*Attendence is not mandatory for non-UC Berkeley students. However, non-UC Berkeley students will still be required to complete PT
**Waivers/Makeups may be given. However, only for unique or overburdening circumstances.

What to Bring

You do not need to bring any physical documents.

However, please know your:

  • Social Security Number
  • Exact cumulative college GPA
  • Exact SAT and/or ACT score (if you took one)

Parents and Guests

Parents, family, and other guests are welcome to join. During this event we will be hosting a Question and Answer session for parents and guest. During this event, parents and guess with have the opportunity to speak with the Professor of Aerospace Studies and Commander of Detachment 085 – UC Berkeley, Lt Col Chris Carroll.


You should expect to pay about $10-15 for all day parking. You can find parking spots on the street, but they are all metered next to campus (look for a ticket machine $1.75/hr)

Bancroft Parking Structure (Recommended)

This parking structure is right next to the Military Affairs Department (Hearst Gym). This parking structure is primarily permit parking but it opens to the public on weekends and after 5pm on weekdays.

Campus Map – Bancroft Parking Structure

Other Options

Here are a couple of options if you plan to stay on campus all day:
1. Douglas Parking ($11 a day)
2304 Bowditch St, Berkeley, CA 94704

2. UCB Lower Hearst Parking Structure (closest to the detachment)
2451 Hearst Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

3. Stadium Parking Garage
2175 Gayley Road, Berkeley, CA 94720


Please be cautious of what you leave in your car. If possible, please keep everything valuable out of site, Berkeley does experience car break-ins. Most likely there will not be any issues, but please be aware.


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